In January 2013, Sekyiwa joined the TEDxStanleyPark Brand Strategy team as a Team Lead for Community Outreach and the initiatives that fell under that scope.

Sekyiwa had the opportunity to collaborate on this think tank event with several like-minded individuals, and was encouraged to bring her own brand of creativity to the table.  Ultimately, she was responsible for brand strategy, digital and creative strategy, operational strategy and was the main point of contact (both initiative and receptive) for Key Influencers in the community.

Sekyiwa generated the concept of 'Viewing Parties' (internally known as 'Satellite Locations') and spearheaded the partnership of TEDxStanleyPark and Nelson the Seagull as an opportunity to engage with members of the community who may not have had the opportunity to purchase a ticket for the main event.  As an alternative, Vancouverites would able to participate by watching a live webcast of the event at the popular Gastown eatery/cafe/yoga studio hosted by local media personality, Mana Mansour.